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Tiramisu recipe

  • Tiramisu recipe
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    2 hours
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Egg — 16 pcs,
Sugar — 325 g,
Flour — 350 g,
Powdered sugar — 100 g,
Mascarpone — 500 g,
Coffee — 1 cup,
Amaretto — 50 g
First of all, we need to prepare a sponge cake for Tiramisu. To do this, we take 12 eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Avoid having the smallest parts of the yolks in the whites, otherwise you could not beat the whites up to a foam.
Take 125 grams of sugar, add it to egg yolks and start rubbing.
Mix the yolks till a thick homogeneous mass.
Now, we take the whites and beat them by a mixer up to a light foam. Then take another 125 grams of sugar and add it to the dish.
As a result, we should get a magnificent air mass.
Gradually, add the beaten whites into yolks mixed with sugar. Do not use a wire whisk to mix the yolks with the whites, otherwise the mass will shrink. It is best to use a spoon or a spatula.
As a result, we should get an airy mass.
Let's take 350 grams of flour and add them to the obtained mass. Be sure to use a tammy for that, as thereby the flour is saturated with oxygen and cake will be more airy.
Now, mix the mass properly, till it becomes smooth. The dough for our sponge cake is ready.
Now, we take a pan and gently lay the dough onto it by small oblong strips. You should squeeze the strips at a distance of 3 cm, as during baking they will rise and can disturb one another. For convenience, use a pastry bag. Put the pan into the oven, preheated up to 200 degrees.
And we take the pan out of the oven in about 15 – 20 minutes.
Take another 4 eggs and separate the whites from the yolks again. Then add 100 grams of powdered sugar into the yolks.
Rub with a wire whisk the mass until a thick foam.
Now we add mascarpone cream and continue to mix.
Then we add the whites into the obtained mass to make the cream more light and airy.
Mix the mass with a spatula until it becomes smooth.
So, our cream and Savoiardi sponge cake are ready. Now, we only need to make a syrup for the cake soaking. Take a cup of freshly brewed coffee, add 75 grams of sugar into it and mix the mass. The stronger the coffee, the richer the taste will be. According to classic Tiramisu recipe, it is recommended to add Amaretto or Marsala Italian wine to get more refined taste. But, if there is a child in a family, it is better to refrain from this ingredient.
Let's start the 'assembly'. We dip Savoiardi pieces into coffee and lay them across the square of a baking case.
Then we evenly cover the sponge cake with a layer of cream.
Now we repeat the same action – we make another layer of sponge cake and cream. And now we put Tiramisu into the refrigerator for 8 – 10 hours.
Before serving, sprinkle the cake with cocoa powder. If you do it earlier, cocoa powder will get soaked with moisture and will become black. You can also use berries, pieces of chocolate and muffins to decorate the cake.
Tiramisu is a stunningly photogenic dessert and it will turn an ordinary dinner into a feast just by its presence.
But if you need a special finesse, then serving the cake in wine glasses is your option. Take wine glasses, cups or dessert bowls and place Tiramisu into them, using the same scheme as described above for a rectangular dish.
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